Steel and wood Framing
bg01Pronto Construction Toronto offers a variety of general contracting and repair services in Toronto and surrounding areas including both residential and commercial Framing, Drywalling, Taping and more. When it comes to small projects, construction, remodeling and home improvement, we understand customers need a company that is reliable, trustworthy, skillful and experienced. We provide both interior and exterior services for Toronto area customers - whether it be in the home or office building.
acoustical-ceiling-tilesDrop Ceilings are an important factor to consider when creating the right atmosphere and ambience for your workplace. A well planned and designed ceiling installation can not only look great and create a good impression but a good ceiling installation can also improve the working conditions for your staff, which can help increase their overall productivity! At Pronto Construction we have been installing drop ceilings in Toronto and the surrounding area for over 7 years to a wide array of clients ranging from offices, factories and residential. Pronto Construction has gained a reputation for providing exceptional quality and service when it comes to drop ceiling installations in Markham, Toronto and beyond.
Once the guys at Pronto have framed out the entire project, it's time for drywall. Although most people think installing drywall is straight forward, it's not. There are many tactics and strategies used while installing drywall to avoid common future complications such as cracks and nail pops. At Pronto, we have a team of professionals get the job done right.
Our flooring tradesmen are highly qualified with over 7 years experience in the wood floor installation business. We’ve competed many floor installation projects in Toronto and the surrounding areas from the installation of hardwood floors, laminate, engineered or solid flooring to the installation of baseboards and trim. We do it all.
The Pronto Construction team of professional Toronto painters proudly offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Yes, we’re that sure of ourselves! Whether you have an interior or exterior residential OR commercial painting project in Markham, Toronto and the surrounding area, we are committed to your 100% satisfaction. We bring an average of 7 years painting expertise to every job we take on. Clean - On Time - On Budget – GUARANTEED! Call now or submit the form below to get started. We’d love to hear from you.
The framing of walls, ceilings and bulkheads are extremely important to any project. This is the skeleton and must be handled delicately. At Pronto Construction, we pride ourselves in attention to detail and ensure everything is structurally sound, level, plumb and square. Once the framing is done perfectly, is sets the stage for every other job that follow such as drywalling and t-bar installations.
Drywall installation is complete, and now comes the fun part, taping. This is where we really flourish. No one sees what's inside in walls or how the walls were built, all they see is the finishing. We take pride in providing the smoothest finishes possible, guaranteed! We have a team of hand tapers as well as machine tapers for every type of job from patchwork to full restaurants and offices.
152182122, vmware slideshow At Pronto Construction, our staff of experts are committed to providing the best wall demolition and deconstruction services in Toronto and the surrounding area. Whether residential, commercial or industrial, Pronto has the resources and expertise to undertake your demolition projects in a timely, safe, and professional manner, guaranteed

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